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Reader Guides

1. Card holders may use valid cards to access library and library service. Please bring cards anytime when you visit library, use them properly. Please exit the library orderly through the monitored exit gate. 

2. Please take good care of your carryon. Please don’t occupy seats. Whenever leaving the seat for more than half an hour others can take this seat.

3. Take good care of the library's documents and public facilities, and correctly use computers and other modern facilities. If any patron has questions she or he can ask librarians. You have to pay the whole price to replace it if any patron damages any property, and she or he will be given proper punishments.

4. Pay attention to personal appearance and whoever improperly dressed is not allowed in. No littering and keep clean environment.

5. No inflammables or explosives, smoking and open flames are strictly prohibited.

6. Keep quiet, no shouting. Please switch off your mobile phone or in the silent mode.

7. If the fire alarm goes off please incorporate with staff.

8. All staff members in the library must exit the library through monitored exit gate. 

9. To host meetings in the library the organizer has to apply through Facility Management Office in advance. Whenever leaving the library they have to exit through the monitored exit gate.

10. Visitors to the library have to proceed registrations through Facility Management Office and exit the library through the monitored exit gate.

11. Follow library rules and regulations and follow the direction of library staff.