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Since 1902



Nanjing Tech University has a history of more than one hundred years as a cradle of education. Nanjing Tech University Library was established by merging the former Nanjing University of Chemical Technology Library and the former Nanjing Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering Library in 2001. It is presently a member of China Academic Library & Information System(CALIS), and a key member of the Jiangsu Science&Technology Library. Nanjing Tech University Library was consisted by a main library--Yifu library and three branch libraries- Xinmofan Road library, PuJiang library and Humanities &Social Sciences library.

Nanjing Tech University Library occupies an area of 32,000 square meters, has 2,100,000 volumes of books, 1,205,000 volumes of e-books, 34,000 e-journals and more than 64 databases, such as Web of Science, EBSCO and SciFinder Scholar, EI etc . Nanjing Tech University Library also contains various reading rooms, e-reading rooms, meeting rooms and multifunctional auditoriums with a total capacity of 3960 reading seats.

Nanjing Tech University Library will stick to the service philosophy of “People-Oriented and Readers First” and strive towards the development goal of building itself to be a Comprehensive, Research-oriented and Globalized university library.